The best support for People with genital herpes

It’s easy to overreact if you find out you have genital herpes.

The temptation is to keep the news to yourself—to not tell anyone you have genital herpes, just in case they spread the fact around to other people or, equally as badly, they totally misunderstand what the virus is all about.

people with genital herpes

Genital herpes, even in modern times, remains quite misunderstood amongst the general population, although therein lies a paradox. There are literally millions of people living with genital herpes and/or HPV throughout the world, yet the level of awareness and understanding remain low—maybe it’s primarily due to the fact that it’s not a virus that people like to talk about too much.

Still, all in all, for those with genital herpes, it’s usually far better to reach out to others in the same situation so that you can be reassured that you are not alone. Not that it’s easy to get motivated enough to try to do something and many find it very frustrating trying to look for others with the same virus, for support, for counselling or just to share experiences.

However, there are a number of places where people with genital herpes can seek support and these may include:

  • Doctor’s clinics, private clinics or local hospitals: your own doctor or a doctor at your local hospital, in addition to treating your genital herpes, is probably best placed to be able to offer guidance and support of where to find support; alternatively, private clinics now abound and, of course, there is the out-patient department of the local hospital
  • specialised voluntary or charitable organisations: in many towns or cities there are voluntary or other charitable organisations set up to help people with genital herpes or other virus’; details of some of these organisations can be found on the internet, or maybe even at a local library or government type office
  • registered support groups: there may well be a registered support group(s) for people with genital herpes to attend where it will be possible to meet others who also have the virus
  • a genital herpes general information or dating site: there you can learn more about the causes of genital herpes and/or HPV, plus seek other useful medical information. If you are thinking of expanding your network of friends and acquaintances or looking to find someone special by dating someone else with genital herpes or meeting other positive singles, with the aim to finally get to move on with your life, maybe such type of site is ideal

Some of the key benefits of using such a site for people with genital herpes include the facts that you can anonymously contact others from all over the world who share genital herpes and/or HPV and you don’t have to worry about being rejected or discriminated against because you have genital herpes, or any other related disease for that matter, as everyone is in the same situation.

The key message really is don’t feel alone and don’t be afraid to reach out for support—however you prefer to find it. It’s a cliché I know but, really, you are not alone!

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